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European countries gave up their sovereignty after World War II. Germany first because it was defeated. Up until now, seventy-six years after the end of the war, the United States military is still present in its territory. The rest of the Europeans preferred il dolce far niente, or being somewhat lazy, and ignored their own defense, an essential requirement to have their own voice when the going gets tough.

In the current crisis in Ukraine, it has become clear who are the real players: The United States and Russia. Biden's recent call to Putin about Ukraine left them alone at the negotiating table for they are the ones who have more than something to say and who back their sayings with military force. The irruption of the United States through Biden that pushed Germany and Angela Merkel aside, repeated a nod the United States made seven years ago, when it pushed aside Germany, France and Poland, to intervene directly in the political crisis of Ukraine. America's rallying cry on that occasion was "Fuck the Europeans." Victoria Nuland, a senior US diplomatic official, exclaimed it when instructing her Ambassador to Ukraine in February 2014.

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